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Franc Arnold, Arndt Graeve, Gerrit Gaastra, Thorsten Michel, Johannes Rasche and our team of over 20 experts.

Since 2018, we have devoted ourselves to the development of technically sophisticated e-cargobikes that offer the highest safety standards without being complicated.

We believe that attractively designed bikes can meet the highest safety standards and be robust and practical.

Ca Go, which was introduced to the public at Eurobike 2019, embodies this philosophy, in which minimalist design excels in meeting the demands of daily use and heavy loads.

Ca Go was designed with longevity and durability in mind, even down to its components, from the low maintenance Gates carbon drive belt with belt tensioner to the high-quality aluminum frame to each individual premium component.

The goal that moved us to design Ca Go has been the same from day one, how do we reinvent the concept of the cargobike as a means of transporting people and goods? Ca Go has always put people first asking who would use it and what are their needs. For that reason, we developed Ca Go’s CargoBox—the heart and soul of a cargobike— with the idea of using EPP, a material that has not been commonly used in the cycling industry. Our motivation was simple. We started with the safety and longevity requirements a modern urban vehicle needs to meet and turned to materials science and innovative construction methods to find the solution that offers the best potential.

Ca Go is the worlds first cargobike manufacturer that set out exclusively constructing its cargobox out of lightweight, shock absorbing and fully recyclable EPP particle foam from the beginning.

EPP, which is widely used in the automobile industry, is ideally suited to e-mobility due to its impressive safety, insulation properties, lightweight and construction potential.

Ca Go leverages the strengths of EPP foam. We have registered 11 patents related to Ca Go’s development, demonstrating the degree of innovation in our R&D process

This culture of innovation has been made possible by building a team of specialists that transcends the cycling industry:

idworx, our design partner, is a multi-award-winning pioneer in the development of trekking bikes

Through our collaboration with Johannes Rasche, one of the most experienced cargobike designers in all of Germany and Schumpeter, an expert in the area of particle foam technology with extensive experience in developing design solutions in lightweight plastic construction, we leverage years of experience in our core areas of expertise

Ca Go’s components are thoughtfully designed from start to finish, we celebrate quality craftsmanship. Ca Go’s frame was proprietarily designed and developed, and many of Ca Go’s components such as seats and grips are sourced in house or from trusted partners who share our appreciation for design and quality.

As entrepreneurs, designers and engineers we thrive on the challenge to make Ca Go the best it can be. Curiosity and the desire to explore are at the root of our innovations: that’s how Ca Go continues to adapt to the evolving needs of urban spaces and the people we transport.

Our goal is for Ca Go to be an e-cargobike that our customers love to use and continue to use because we realize that especially in urban environments, biking is often more convenient than driving.

Take your time discovering what makes our Ca Go e-cargobike so unique: from our broad vision to the attention we have given to every last detail

Learn about Ca Go through our website, reach out with your questions, and take the opportunity to schedule a test ride with one of our rental partners and distributors starting in the nearest future

Ca Go. for all your precious cargo.

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The future of urban mobility has arrived.

Open road ahead for Ca Go, the versatile cargo e-bike that offers speed, safety and comfort for families, a new spin on your commute, and an innovative vehicle for all your professional needs.

Ca Go takes you to school, to work, shopping, or out for a weekend ride, Ca go meets the needs of all those who spend a lot of time on the go.

Ca Go is the perfect family ride, whether you are headed to school or to the playground. For the busy urbanite, Ca Go replaces time spent in traffic and stress with the freedom you experience on your bike.

Ca Go’s versatility cannot be beat, you’ll find you barely use your car. For safe and flexible mobility you’ll only need one thing…

Ca Go. For all your precious cargo

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Franc Arnold
CEO & Founder

“The Ca Go brand epitomizes modern urban micromobility. Ca Go’s mission is to promote the transition to sustainable urban transportation solutions. We developed Ca Go to move us ahead on the path towards safe urban mobility.”

“In the same spirit as enterprises like Tesla, we at Ca Go believe that the sooner the world will reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and reduce the emissions associated with their combustion, the better off we are.”

Franc Arnold

CEO & Founder

In 2018, a team of experienced designers and engineers from the automobile and bicycling industries started Ca Go with the goal of creating a cargobike that lives up to the highest standards of safety, agility and design.

"The brand Ca Go stands for modern Urban micro-mobility. Ca Go's mission is to lead the way in the transition to sustainable urban transportation concepts. We have developed Ca Go to accelerate the future of safe urban mobility."

"In common spirit with companies like Tesla, we at Ca Go also believe that the faster the world becomes less dependent on fossil fuels and thus emission-free, the better."

Ca Go was founded in 2018 by a group of experienced designers and engineers from the automotive and bicycle industries. The goal was to create a cargo bike that would not compromise safety, agility, and design.

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