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Franc Arnold, Arndt Graeve, Gerrit Gaastra, Thorsten Michel, Johannes Rasche, Matthias Naumann and our team of already over 20 people.

Since 2018, we have been developing electric load wheels that are technically sophisticated, maximum safe but at the same time uncomplicated.

For us, beautiful design and robust practicality with a high safety standard are not mutually exclusive.

That is why the ca go, which was presented for the first time at Eurobike 2019, is minimalist in its form and design, but designed for everyday and demanding use under load.

The construction and all components of the ca go aim at longevity: from the low-maintenance Gates carbon timing belt drive with innovative belt tensioner to the frame made of high-quality aluminium and the individual premium components.

From day one, we developed the heart of the ca go, the transport box, with the material EPP, which is still largely unknown in the bicycle sector. Right from the start, our motivation was to completely rethink the load wheel and the transport of children and goods that it makes possible: We focused on young and old people and were guided only by the requirements that a modern, safe city vehicle such as the electric load wheel has to meet in terms of safety and longevity - the possibilities offered by modern materials science and innovative design processes.

We are the world's first load wheel manufacturer to design its transport box from the outset exclusively from the particularly lightweight, shock-absorbing and fully recyclable EPP particle foam.

The properties of EPP, which is already widely used in the automotive industry, are impressive and ideally meet the requirements of e-mobility in terms of safety, lightness, insulation and design options.

We were able to transfer these and other advantages of the particle foam known from vehicle design to the load wheel. We are proud of the fact that 11 patent applications from the development of the ca go have already been possible, which underlines our claim to innovation and development.

This can only be achieved by putting together a team of specialists that goes beyond the boundaries of the bicycle industry:

With idworx, the award-winning pioneer for the further development of trekking bikes, we have one of the best construction partners in the world on board.

In cooperation with Johannes Rasche, one of the most experienced designers for load bikes in Germany, and Schumpeter Partikelschaum Technologie, a pioneer for innovative product solutions in plastics and lightweight construction technology, we have reliable, long-term comrades-in-arms and have thus been able to build on many years of experience in these fields.

Our components are also thought through from start to finish. Good craftsmanship is not regarded by us as a dusty past, but as an everyday standard. Our ca go load bike frame was designed and developed from scratch, and many of the components such as saddles and handles come from our company or are realized together with companies that share our sense of design and quality.

As entrepreneurs, designers and engineers, we see the special beauty and challenge in realising and further perfecting the ca go. Our curiosity and our play instinct constantly lead us to new ideas and approaches - so that the ca go can best fit into the urban living space and the modern lifestyle of its drivers.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers enjoy a ca go E-Loadbike for a long time and enjoy using it often - especially in cities it is often easier to get to a destination by bike than by car.

take the time to find out what makes the ca go electric load wheel so unique - from the big picture to the smallest detail.

Learn about ca go here on our website, ask us questions and arrange a test drive with one of our rental partners and dealers directly on site from the beginning of 2020.

ca go. for all your precious cargo.

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driven kilometers together




The future of urban mobility is here.

Clear the way for ca go, the versatile e-bike that offers speed, safety, and comfort for families and professionals.

To school, to work, to shopping, or for a weekend trip, ca go fits all you travel needs.

Enjoy an effortless ride with e-support, and stress-free travel thanks to our state-of-the-art security features.

From your daily commute to school or just a quick trip to the playground, ca go is perfect for families. For busy city life enjoy a stress-free commute without traffic jams, just complete urban freedom, you and your ca go. 

ca go is exceptionally versatile, who needs a car anymore? We offer flexible and reliable mobility solutions that adapt to your lifestyle. 

ca go. For all your precious cargo

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