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For your most precious cargo

Our mission: Offering superior protection for driver, passengers and pedestrians so that you reach your destination safely.

We developed a comprehensive safety concept to optimize the safety of children and pedestrians. Meet Safety-Pro-Tech.

Safety checklist

What makes our Family & Cargo Bike safe.

The CargoBox by Schumpeter

Safety Rail

The bracket, which is firmly screwed to the frame, acts as an integrated side impact protection covered by EPP. It holds and protects the CargoBox and transmits the forces acting on it. For safety and additional stability.

Bracing structures

The use of vertical and horizontal bracing elements enables the transfer of forces to and from the CargoBox, as in the static and structural design of buildings. Similar to truss construction and honeycombs. For increased stiffness and load capacity.

High shoulder line

For increased child safety and pleasant visibility. Restricts the field of vision of the smallest passengers in a calming manner and also prevents them from reaching out during the ride. Protects the head and reduces the risk of falling out in the event of a fall.

Energy absorbing material

strength at low weight, high stiffness, high energy absorption capacity, water-repellent - the list of outstanding product properties of expanded polypropylene (EPP) is long. Here more about the material multi-talent of the CargoBox by Schumpeter.

Storage compartments and nets

For everything that has to go with me, or is collected on the way. For more order in the box.


To help children get in and out easily.

The child seats

The comfortable and practical seating solution for children from approx. 2 to ca. 7 years.

The ergonomic Ca Go child seat grows with your child and offers safe comfort in sitting or resting positions, soft padding and an easily and correctly adjustable headrest.

The seats are positioned low enough in the CargoBox to protect the shoulder line - at just under 12.5 cm from the box floor but high enough to allow a comfortable leg position even for older children.

The firm basic structure of the seats increases the support properties and thus enables sitting in a manner that is appropriate for the spinal column. Developed with ergonomists and orthopaedists.

5-point belt

The adjustable 5-point harness with quick release buckle. For easy buckling and secure hold. Firmly anchored to the frame.

Adjustable headrests

The adjustable headrests can be easily and correctly adjusted.
The mesh cover allows a comfortable head position even with a helmet.

High backrest & seats

The length of the backrest is designed for the height of children between 2 and 7 years of age.

Isofix (optional)

For the little ones who do not yet fit on the Ca Go child seats, an Isofix-compatible mount is optionally available to securely fix child seats or an Isofix base.

folding seat surface

In case there are no passengers, the seat can simply be folded up to get more storage space in the box.

Problem-free conversion

The Ca Go can be easily adapted to your requirements.
The child seats can be selected individually during configuration or can be ordered later. The simple, quick and safe installation makes the change from one to two child seats a child's play.

9% inclination for safe and comfortable sitting.

The seats offer a backrest and foam parts shaped to fit the spine and a sufficiently high backrest (backrest height = shoulder height).

The angle of the vibration-damped seat, which is also inclined by 9 degrees, ensures that the thighs rest correctly.


Adaptable to different body sizes

The child seats can be ideally adapted to the different body sizes thanks to the adjustable head restraints (upper edge headrest = upper edge head) and the height adjustability of the belt guide (top, middle, bottom).

Perfect for children from 2 to 7 years

Designed with ergonomists and orthopaedic surgeons especially for use in load bikes. The comfortable and safer transport solution for children up to 120 cm tall.

Source Size measurements: World Health Organization 2012 - Sizes/Age Boys, 50%-percentile - Median

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Facts check

88,800 bicycle accidents occurred in road traffic 2019

(Source: German Federal Statistical Office)


An accident with 25km/h accelerates the head of the occupants to 4-15G (weight force) - this can already lead to severe whiplash and injuries for small children.

(Source: nach Schmidt H., u.a. (2004): Schleudertrauma – neuester Stand)


Over 80% of bicycle accidents happen with a motor vehicle.

(Source: ADFC)


Bike accidents with personal injury are caused 65% by motorists.

(Source: ADFC)

Our development principles

Symbiosis of design, innovation and technology inspired by vehicle development.

Our mission: to better protect drivers, passengers and passers-by and thus bring them safely to their destination.

The use of innovative materials and tried-and-tested construction methods from child seat and automobile development has opened up new possibilities, which have significantly improved the passive safety concept of the Ca Go.

Passenger protection

The special design features of the cargo bikes, such as a central driver's seat and missing A/B/C columns of the "passenger cell", represent a major challenge for the occupant protection concept.

The aim was to design effective safety components for the single-track Ca Go electric cargo bike (also known as LongJohn) for the small passengers.

For this purpose, the Ca Go designers and constructors developed the CargoBox in cooperation with Schumpeter as a stable safety cell made of EPP, which partially absorbs the energy resulting from a fall, overturning or collision. The involvement of orthopaedists, medical doctors and ergonomists led to the development of the passive restraint system, consisting of 5-point safety belts, height-adjustable headrests, adaptive swinging seats with slip-through protection (submarining effect). In addition, kinetic energy absorbing materials are used in the backrests of the child seats. The high shoulder line of the CargoBox prevents the child from reaching out during the journey and also reduces the risk of falling out and resulting head injuries.

The result ensures the minimum protection for small passengers in the event of an accident.

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Passer-by protection

Due to the size and weight of the cargo bikes or family bikes, average speeds occur in conjunction with the e-drive, at which pedestrians are also exposed to the risk of injury in the event of a collision.

These risks of injury to the musculoskeletal system are reduced by the EPP cladding and rounding off of many potential contact points of the Ca Go with pedestrians.

Homogeneous design

Integrative design


Shock protection

Expert knowledge

Child safety is the top priority at Ca Go. That is why we work together with experts from different fields to achieve a common goal:
The perfect symbiosis of functional design, high safety and high quality.
Patent pending developments and a contribution to safe, urban micromobility are the result.

With the growing popularity of alternative mobility, the number of cargo and family bikes in cities is also increasing.

The high car and traffic density, combined with the marked potential for improvement of the bicycle infrastructure in many cities, automatically leads to increased danger situations and thus minimum safety requirements for passengers, drivers and pedestrians.

This gave Ca Go designers and developers the drive to analyse and understand the specific safety requirements for cargo and family bikes in order to further develop and continuously improve the safety concept of these city vehicles.

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