Cargobike for all your precious cargo | Ca Go Bike

For all your
precious cargo.

Open road ahead for Ca Go, the versatile cargo e-bike that offers speed, safety and comfort for families and a new spin on your commute


Family ride

to get around town

Versatile cargo champion

for all business needs

Cargo meets fun. The Ca Go cargo bike is your ticket out of car dependency: it hauls kids, groceries, even tools and supplies with ease. Trade sitting in rush hour traffic and the dreaded search for parking in for a shared experience for driver and company.

Thanks to its expertly designed construction, Ca Go handles with the agility and precision of a bike— with a little boost from its powerful electric motor

Ca Go prioritizes safety and flexibility as demonstrated by the unique safety-pro-tech concept

Learn about the philosophy behind Ca Go’s strong lightweight CargoBox

For all your precious cargo

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Ca Go Packages

Up to any challenge

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Image Family Kit

Family Ride

Family Kit

Isofix (optional)

Ergonomically designed kids seats

Folding head support

Modular rain and sun canopies

Compatible with Maxi-Cosi infant carseats

Image Cargo Kit

Cargo Champ

Cargo Kit

Optional cargo box rack mounts to Cargo-Box lid

Lockable lid

Anchor points to securely tie down cargo

Ca Go makes your business look good: Custom wrapping

Cargobike for all your precious cargo | Ca Go Bike

For your most precious cargo.

How to order your Ca Go

The safest CargoBox

Ca Go Safety-Pro-Tech stands for exceptional safety. Our CargoBox is manufactured using a patented process, and combines construction methods inspired by the automobile industry with premium materials and workmanship.

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CargoBox height optimized for young passengers: safely keeps them inside, and protects them from the outside

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Cargo netting and storage compartments: a place for everything, and everything in its place

Designed with passenger and pedestrian safety in mind: covered frame and lack of sharp corners reduce risk of injuries

Aluminum frame provides stability and protection

Cargo volume up to 200L (7 cubic feet)
Total weight limit up to 225KG (496lbs)

Waterproof expanded polypropylene (EPP) optimizes shock absorption

Fun made safe

Thoughtful safety features designed with child safety in mind


Folding headrest provides additional collision protection

tab to expand

5-point harness anchored at the frame

Lockable glove compartment for secure storage

Running board

Isofix (optional)

Low child seat position keeps center of gravity low for stability

Ergonomically designed shockabsorbent child seats

At the height of modern technology

Innovative design. Unique Safety-Pro-Tech concept. Premium quality



Convenient central
controller location

tab to expand

Magura brakes

Supernova lights

Safe battery

tab to expand

Pneumatic center stand


Low bottom bracket
and short crank

belt tensioner

Turn night into day

Turn night into day

with the Supernova Mini 2 Pro and Mini Pro-25


Mini 2 Pro

Ca Go Basic equipment

High beam: 550 lm, 160 lx
Low beam: 235 lm, 100 lx

M99 Mini Pro-25

Ca Go upgrade (optional)

High beam: 1.150 lm, 260 lx
Low beam: 450 lm, 150 lx

Exemplary representation

Ca Go Timeline Teaser

NEW: Live Video Presentation available

Ca Go offers you a new opportunity to experience the Ca Go FS 200 live via video consultation with an expert from our showroom.

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Ca Go Safety-Pro-Tech Teaser

Everything you need to know about Safety-Pro-Tech. Ca Go’s unique safety concept.

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Our collaboration with ERGON, the leader in ergonomic bike design

Aerodynamic design

Seat angled to protect your back

Step-through frame

Ergon GC1 Grips


Winged grip promotes anatomically correct position, reducing pressure on wrists and palms. Excellent grip even in rainy conditions. Perfect for city rides and touring on your Ca Go.

Ergon SC10 Core Saddle

Revolutionary design

The ergonomic shock absorbent core follows the natural movements of your pelvis, reducing pressure on sitting bones

* Ca Go upgrade (optional)

Enjoy the ride.

Maximum comfort, agility and safety

Cable Steering

Tight turn radius permits maneuvering with minimal space requirements

Cargo line drive unit

Smart and powerful: Bosch pedal-assist provides support during acceleration and on inclines.

Narrow construction

Whether you are navigating bike paths or streets—Ca Go’s light frame and narrow construction provide optimal safety and agility in urban environments.


Suspension fork and wide rear tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride

Low center of gravity

Integration of Lockable BatterySafe compartment into bottom of Cargo Box optimizes weight distribution and lends stability.

Stepless gear system

Enviolo AUTOMATiQ gearhub for cargo bikes provides stepless automatic shifting

EasyGrip (patent pending)

Effortless maneuvering

EasyGrip frame and steering linkage are key to Ca Go’s agility

Experience the Ca Go FS 200

Pneumatic Center Stand

Suspension for added safety

Secure and easy parking and loading: Ca Go’s pneumatic center stand keeps it safely in place—even when parked at an incline.

Battery and Drivetrain

DualBattery for Cargo Line by Bosch.

Smooth and powerful. Bosch Cargo Line
e-motors turn cargo biking into all around fun


Increased Range (77 miles)


More power

Cargo meets fun! Full power and assist even at low pedal frequencies.

For a maximum of 400% of powerful support and torque up to 85 Nm with a permissible total weight of up to 551 lbs. Going uphill fast.


Full Speed Ahead (15.5mph)

The Bosch Cargo Line turns every cargo run into cargo fun.

The efficient drive unit is up to all challenges at speeds up to 25km/h.

Getting your cargo to its destination has never been this fast or this comfortable.


Increased Range (77 miles)

The optional Bosch DualBattery delivers up to 1250 Wh from its two 625 Wh PowerTubes for up to 125km. That’s a lot of range and flexibility.

For heavy cargo and long distances.

powered by Bosch.

*Pay attention to the appropriate settings:

  • Drive: Cargo Line.
  • Battery: 2x PowerTube 625.
  • Type of bicycle: Cargo Bike.
  • Tire tread: City.

powered by Bosch.

*Pay attention to the appropriate settings:

  • Drive: Cargo Line.
  • Battery: 2x PowerTube 625.
  • Type of bicycle: Cargo Bike.
  • Tire tread: City.

Get to know us

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About us

Ca Go Studio

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Get on, get going, and have fun.

Ca Go’s Kiox Bordcomputer is ready to go when you are, and will keep you aprised oft he most important information and data. Robust 1.9“ (2 inch) color display is legible even in bright sunlight.



Kiox connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the eBike Connect App. Customize settings and review performance data. Your individual e-Bike experience, your way.

PC and Tablet


The online platform eBike Connect keeps your content organized. Uploading data to the online platform requires an internet connection or mobile data.

Hasslefree Design

Low maintenance construction. More durability and longevity. Less stress.

Belt drive

No need to oil. Soundless. No added weight.

Integrated design and construction

Components do not protrude from Ca Go Tubo-Cargo


Accident proof tubolito innertube for extreme demands.

"The bold newcomer puts safety first on its list of innovations."
"The Ca Go E-Cargo Bike was a real highlight at Eurobike 2019 and appears to be the most sophisticated E-Cargo Bike of its kind so far."
"Ca Go - the cargo bike that makes load a pleasure [...] sets new standards in safety, comfort and transport."
"Futuristic and functional: Ca Go, the cargobike from Koblenz [...], has what it takes to become the urban car of the future."
"In terms of equipment, technology and clever solutions, the Ca-Go-Bike offers a significantly higher degree of maturity than many currently available cargo bikes."
"The new cargo bike Ca Go Bike impresses with many clever solutions and elegant design."

Why Ca Go?

Innovative and safe

Ca Go is the next generation of e-cargobikes, today: Ca Go was developed to seamlessly integrate paradigms in design, equipment and technology.

Ca Go embodies safety for you, your children, and for pedestrians: every feature of our e-cargobike has been optimized to provide stability and enable easy safe handling. Leveraging materials and concepts developed in automobile design, Ca Go’s features include headrests for children, seatbelts and high torso line, rounded corners and a covered frame. We designed Ca Go with to set a new safety standard for e-cargobikes so you can enjoy the ride with ease of mind.

Environment & Future

Ca Go makes an important contribution to sustainable mobility. In urban areas, cargobikes are already a viable alternative to cars.

Experience shows that an innovative e-cargobike such as Ca Go has the potential to help us meet the competing demands of daycare drop off, commute and shopping while bringing fun back into the equation. Forget about traffic congestion, particle emissions and traffic restrictions, and the stressful hunt for parking.

Tackle the daycare run and your commute, and find that you feel up to braving that afternoon trip to the pool or park: with Ca Go, getting there is part of the fun!

City & Countryside

Ca Go does it all, wherever you are and wherever you are going. Whether you are transporting kids, pets, groceries, or tools and supplies, Ca Go gets you to your destination. No getting stuck in traffic, no stressful search for parking. Ca Go’s water resistant cargobox and sun/rain protection for kids keep everyone comfortable, and cargo netting, ample storage and lockable compartments for battery abd valuables keep everything safely in place.

Cargo & Box

Our innovative EPP transport box is lightweight, shock absorbent and water resistant. Technical highlights abound.

A monocoque box, developed in collaboration with automobile material experts, is the conceptual foundation: with room for two children and a high torso line to keep little arms safely contained within. Two ergonomic childseats equipped with 5-point-harnesses and adjustable headrests are securely anchored to the chassis to provide optimal structural support. Additional isofix adapters are optionally available so that the littlest passengers can travel in their infant bucket seat. With your most precious cargo safely ensconced, Ca Go’s lockable glove compartment and cargo nets offer ample room for everything else. Getting in and out is child’s play thanks to the running board.

Ca Go‘s aerodynamic transport box is constructed out of EPP. Thanks to its patented construction, the inside oft he tranport box is equipped with side impact protection technology, eliminating the need for metal or wood frame parts on the outside oft he box.

Cargo Meets Fun

Ca Go is powered by an innovative Bosch Cargo Line motor, which offers ample power at 85 Nm and up to 400 percent support

Ca Go has a maximum range of 125km (77 miles) when equipped with the top-of-the-line configuration of two PowerTube 625 batteries in DualBattery combination, offering 1250 Wh. Ca Go’s low bed makes for a low center of gravity, optimizing stability during ride and when corning, even when transportating heavy loads. The front tire is controlled via steering linkage, which ensures effortless maneuverability of the 200 liter (52 gallons) transport box. Ca Go’s step through frame and short cranks make it easy to get on and get going. Ca Go’s patented Easy-Grip supports a minimal turn radius.

Pneumatic center stands enables steady upright parking position even when Ca Go is loaded.

Narrow construction, low center of gravity and minimal turning radius ensure that Ca Go adjusts to the requirements of bike paths and narrow inner city streets with ease.

"A bike has to adapt to urban environments and should not be an obstacle."

Oliver Nehring
– Marketing Specialist –

"I need speed—no matter what type of bike I’m riding."

Jessica Rossmark
– Designer –

"I value quality of materials and workmanship. The bike has to keep up with me after all."

Johannes Rasche
– Product Design –