Safety on two wheels

The Ca Go FS Life sets new standards in safety, comfort and design. Your children are well protected in the specially designed safety compartment. The strong frame, large brake system and dual cable steering are additional safety components that also guarantee maximum riding fun.

Experience the best family bike
Ca Go FS200 Life Family Plus

What sets us apart?

Sicherer Fahrspaß

Safe riding experience

We want our bikes to be fun to ride. That's why we've adapted safety standards from the car industry, such as the crumple zone, optimised wheel load distribution and positioned the centre of gravity as low as possible for balanced handling even under maximum load.

Langzeit getestet

Long-term testing

Our test bikes are put through their paces on our own Ca Go test track for up to 15,000 km a year. Load tests on a variety of route profiles allow us to continuously validate the operation of frame strength, steering, brakes and handling.

Über die Norm hinaus

Above the norm

We design and test to the DIN 79010 standard for electric cargo bikes from the the ground up and go above and beyond. In collaboration with the Zedler testing institute, our products meet the institute's Advanced Plus standard. All safety testing is carried out in Germany.