Discover the unique Ca Go riding performance.

Test the Ca Go bike of your choice at one of our Ca Go partners or one of the numerous trade fairs and events where we participate.
Name Datum Link
Cyclingworld Düsseldorf
Argus Bike Festival Wien (AT)
E-Bike Festival Dortmund
Velo Berlin
Velo Frankfurt
Ca Go on Tour @ eBike Company, Hamburg - Barmbek
Ca Go on Tour @ Wingwheels, Berlin
Ca Go on Tour @ e-motion, Frankfurt-Süd
Ca Go on Tour @ Karl von Drais, Frankfurt
IAA Mobility
Ca Go on Tour @ Munix Finest, München - Haidhausen
Ca Go on Tour @ Langendorf Cargo, Hamburg
Ca Go on Tour @ Max Cargobike, Bielefeld
Ca Go on Tour @ Zweirad Eicker, Karlsruhe
Ca Go on Tour @ Ladehero, Stuttgart
International Cargobike Festival Amsterdam (NL)