Flexible, relaxed, sporty and safe on the road. Everything is possible with the CS.

With plenty of storage space for a child seat and everyday items, a low centre of gravity for extremely stable yet nimble handling, a tight turning circle for easy manoeuvring and excellent cornering, and a compact design, the City Utility Vehicle is a stress-free, fun way to get through your day, no matter how demanding.

Maximum flexibility

Pure riding experience

Low centre of gravity for real kart feeling

As well as providing storage space, the centre rack's low centre of gravity between the wheels makes it extremely controllable and manoeuvrable - loaded or empty.

Easy handling for travel and maintenance

Cable steering provides natural handling, easy manoeuvring and good cornering, even at high speeds. The double cable pulleys – which Ca Go uses for safety reasons – are resistant to wear and can be easily re-tensioned with a central adjustment screw. The cables are also fully encapsulated to protect them from the elements.

Smart power unit for high-performance support

The CS is powered by the Bosch Cargo Line Smart System, consisting of the Drive Unit, PowerPack 545 Wh battery, LED remote control and the eBike Flow app. With 85 Nm and up to 400% assistance, the system guarantees powerful propulsion. Auto mode automatically adjusts the assistance as you ride, while the convenient Hill-Hold function prevents you from rolling backwards or downhill on climbs. At speeds above 25 km/h, the motor and transmission are decoupled, ensuring a smooth ride even without motor assistance thanks to minimal pedalling resistance.

Load-optimised city set-up for high comfort

Components specifically designed for cargo bikes ensure a high level of riding comfort. The SR Suntour Cargo Moby 34 suspension fork and robust 20-inch wheels absorb everyday bumps with ease, while the special Schwalbe Pick-Up Cargobike tyres offer above-average puncture protection and high traction for a dynamic, safe ride. Thanks to the Magura brake system with 203 mm disc brakes, the CS can be brought to a safe stop even when loaded. Best sight and visibility in any situation is guaranteed with the Supernova lighting system.

Safe in everyday life

Compact frame design for everyday use

In everyday use, the CS scores with its compact dimensions of 2040 mm length and 480 mm width, allowing it to be parked anywhere. The ergonomically variable geometry with flat seat angle and individually adjustable stem ensures a comfortable riding position. This means that the Ca Go CS can be ridden by almost anyone between 1.60m and 2.00m tall.

Easy battery removal for flexible handling

The BOSCH PowerPack 545 Wh battery is easy to remove at the touch of a button and can be charged when installed or removed. It can be secured against theft with an integrated lock. The charging status is always reliably visible thanks to the charging indicator in the viewing area. A battery with BOSCH PowerPack 725 Wh can also be used on request.

Plenty of reserves for more safety

The aluminium frame with plenty of reserves, such as reinforced seat tube support, shaped and large-volume tube profiles and integrated kickstand bracket, reduces vibration and ensures maximum safety.

CS Series

Technical data

Overall length
204 cm
149 cm
Stand over height
53 cm
Impeller Size
Center Rack (Ground Area)
40x33 cm
47 cm
Seat Tube Angle
Steering Head Angle
Body Height
1,60–2 m
Net Weight (incl. 1 Akku)
ab 35,5 kg (Microshift without Rear Rack)
Max. Total Weight Front Rack
18 kg
Max. Total Weight Center Rack
35 kg
Max. Total Weight Rear Rack
27 kg
Max. Total Weight
180 kg