FS Life

Fast, agile and uniquely safe. The FS Life - probably the most attractive alternative to a city car.

Safety on two wheels.

The FS200 Life sets new standards for safety and driving behaviour. Children are protected to the highest degree in the safety passenger compartment. The strong frame, the generously dimensioned brake system and the double cable steering are additional safety components that also guarantee maximum riding fun.

FS200 Life Family Plus

Crashtest passed!

The safety concept of the FS200 Life has passed an independent crash test with distinction, convincing the surveyor experts at Steinacker.

The energy absorption and crash safety of the passenger safety box in the Ca Go FS200 Life set standards and are ideal for the safe transport of children.

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Steinacker

EPP-Cargo box in Detail

High shoulder line

If the little passengers in the front get into a ruckus, you won't have to worry about it. Firstly, the box's raised shoulder line protects passengers from external impact. And secondly, it prevents the young ones from sticking their hands out of the box during the ride.

FS Detail


The safety collar, which is raised at the back and sides, further increases the safety of the cargo box. It comfortably supports the head, and, above all, it protects the head, neck and shoulders in the event of an emergency. At the same time, the collar keeps the head from lateral overstretching. It also forms the basis for the All-Weather-Top*.

*Additional equipment FS200 Life, standard equipment FS200 Life Family-Plus

FS Detail

Crash tested

And what happens when an accident would occur? To find out, we put our FS200 Life through an independent crash test with impressive results: Your child sits really safe in the FS200 Life.

FS Crashtest


Seen it before? You hardly notice the safety-rail that runs around the cargo box. Nevertheless, it provides additional stability. And you can count on it: if you really need it, it's there for you.

FS Detail

Easy entry

„All aboard please, ready for take-off!" No problem at all, with the integrated step of the cargo box. Kids can climb into the box - or out again - quick and easy. And without the e-cargo bike wobbling or even tipping over.

FS Detail

Space wonder

As big as an entire bathtub, the 200-litere cargo box can hold a lot, and not only children. For example, you can also easily store your groceries in a Eurobox, which fits the cargo box perfectly. We would however advise against taking a bath in it.

FS Detail


Sustainability starts with products that you can use for a long time. To ensure that the cargo box remains part of your family for many years, it is made of robust EPP material. Whether it's wind, rain, mud or UV radiation, this box can really take a beating. And when it's time to retire, it's easy to recycle.

FS Detail

Energy absorbing box

The safety of the little passengers is our most important mission. That's why we manufacture the cargo box from sturdy yet pliant EPP. In the event of a collision, the box thus absorbs a significant amount of energy. Just like the crumple zone in a car.

FS Detail

Easy cleaning

We simply love them, the little mucky pups. Whether it's muddy rubber boots or food scraps scattered across the box: where people live, not everything always stays clean. But don't worry, the child-friendly cargo box needs very little maintenance. Since the EPP material is water-repellent, you can easily clean the box with a garden hose. The water runs off through the recesses at the bottom. So, the box quickly shines like new. Until the next ride.

FS Detail


The little passengers are perfectly protected from wind and weather with our well-thought-out and practical All-Weather-Top*. And it does so 365 days a year. Even when the sun is shining, the sunshade protects the little ones against the hovering heat. Speaking of heat: removable side windows and high breathability ensure a pleasant climate and the feeling of being in a convertible.

*Additional equipment

FS200 All Weather Top

Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line Motor

The special Bosch Cargo Line motor surely gets you going. It drives the FS200 powerfully and smoothly with its 85 Newton meters and up to a speed of 25 km/h. Even high payloads don't cause the powerful drive to break a sweat. And thanks to DualBattery Ready*, ranges of up to 125 kilometres are possible. That’s how the bike gets you quickly from A to B - even if the B is far away.

*Second battery optional

FS200 Motor

Magura Disc Brakes

Perfectly controllable braking power, even with maximum payload. This is exactly what the powerful hydraulic disc brakes from Magura provides for the Ca Go FS200. The braking system is specially designed for electric cargo bikes. This is reflected, for example, in the powerful brake bodies with two pistons at the front and four pistons at the rear. Or the particularly large brake discs with 203 millimetres at the front and 220 millimetres at the rear.

FS200 Bremse

Steering System with Double Cable Guide

The safe cable steering is responsible for full control and manoeuvrability. True to the motto "two is company", we have designed the steering system with redundancy. In other words, four instead of the usual two cables offer additional safety. The FS200 also impresses with its precise steering behaviour. And thanks to the large steering angle, manoeuvring is like child's play.

FS200 Lenkung

enviolo AUTOMATiQ Gear Hub

On the FS200 Life you automatically feel comfortable - and shift accordingly. The standard built-in enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub always ensures on its own the perfect gear ratio autonomously. So, you can concentrate on maximum riding pleasure. Simply select the preferred cadence and you're done. In addition, the system harmonizes perfectly with the Bosch motor. Then, you ride particularly efficient and save valuable battery power.

FS200 Schaltung

Ergonomic-Child-Seat* in Detail

Height-adjustable headrest

„Heads up!" No problem at all with the child seat for our cargo box. Because you can adjust the height of the comfortable headrest for each passenger in no time at all. A real piece of cake, so to speak. And extremely important, because the headrest protects the cervical vertebrae from dangerous overstretching.

FS Detail

This one grows with you

From pretty small to pretty big: your e-cargo bike fits you for a long time. Children with a height of 87 to 120 cm ride along in comfort and safety. This height range corresponds to the age between two and seven years. And for the tiniest passengers is the Infant-Sling-Mount available*.

*Additional equipment

FS Detail

Strong safety belt

This one holds - for sure! With our 5-point safety belt, which is height-adjustable in three stages, you can secure your children in perfectly. The high-quality belt protects them from possible impact forces. It is firmly attached to the frame. This makes it so safe that it even convinces in crash tests.

FS Detail

Seat cushion easy to clean

Whether it's mud on pants or food leftovers from the latest bike snack, we know your Ca Go has to withstand a lot. That's why the seat pads are so easy to clean. Just like the rest of the cargo box.

FS Detail

Practical comfort enhancers

Our passengers always travel first class. That's because the cushioned and upholstered seats offer a high level of seating comfort. And it’s convenient, too: When the seats are not in use, you simply fold them up. This gives you more space for everything else you want to transport.

FS Detail

Further highlights

FS Detail

Low centre of gravity

The low centre of gravity is essential for the safe handling of the FS200 Life. For example, the engine, batteries* and child seats, are located particularly low on the frame. The balanced distribution of the load on the axles also ensures pleasant handling.

*Second battery optional

FS Detail


Thanks to the bright, integrated lighting system from SUPERNOVA you can keep everything in view. In bright conditions, the daytime running light draws attention to you. And in the dark, the high beam with the additional low beam turns night into day.

FS Detail

Gates Belt incl. Belt Tensioner

Quiet, clean, and low-maintenance, the Gates Belt Drive transmits power to the rear wheel. In addition, the guide keeps it in place while the Belt Tensioner keeps it taut. In other words: more time in the saddle, and less time in the workshop.

FS Detail

Ergonomic Grips and Saddles from Ergon

Comfort through ergonomic components: Thanks to the Ergon grips, the handlebars fit comfortably and ergonomically in your hands. And the Ergon saddle ensures high seating comfort and a back-friendly posture.

FS Detail

Schwalbe Tires

For best rolling behaviour, high puncture protection and plenty of grip stand the high-quality Schwalbe tires. The softer rubber compound in front provides good grip and stability while taking a turn. The rear tires specially developed for Ca Go carry the heavy loads.

FS Detail

Kickstand with Gas Pressure Spring

One thing stands firm: your Ca Go FS200 Life. Even when fully loaded, thanks to the particularly stable and easy-to-use kickstand. Tilt-proof and stable, so that the little ones can also get in and out safely.

FS Detail


Safety is in your hands: With the EasyGrip frame handle you can effortlessly jack the e-bike onto the stand. The ergonomic handle also helps when pushing and manoeuvring. So, you can easily move the cargo bike even with little space.

FS Detail

Battery Safe with Lock (DualBattery Ready)

Whether one or two batteries*, they are well protected in the floating stainless steel safe stored in the floor of the cargo bed. Safe from damage and pickpocketing, the battery safe also pays dividends in terms of low centre of gravity and pleasant handling.

*second battery optional

The FS200 Life from €7,290

Standard equipment FS200 Life

*incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Which FS Life is the right one?

Technical specifications – FS Life

FS Detail
FS Detail
Overall length
270 cm
206,5 cm
Stand over height
46,5 cm
Rear wheel
Front wheel
70 cm
FS Detail

EPP- Cargo box

FS Detail

EPP-Cargo box with mounted child seats

Inner dimension width rear
56,5 cm
Inner dimension width front
46 cm
Inner dimension length
70 cm
Inner dimension width rear
56,5 cm
Inner dimension width front
46 cm
Inner dimension length
61,5 cm
Body height
1,60-2 m
Empty weight (EPP-Cargo box and 1 battery)
53 kg
200 l / 70 kg
Max. total weight
225 kg