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Versatile accessories for your cargo bike: everything you need for safety and comfort

Looking for the perfect accessories for your cargo bike? At Ca Go Bike, we specialise in high-quality cargo bike accessories that make your e-cargo bike safer and more versatile. From bike garages to child seats, we offer everything you need for your cargo bike to optimise your transport experience.

All cargo bike accessories at a glance:
  • Bicycle garage for optimum protection
  • Child seat for cargo bike
  • Cargo bike pannier rack and baskets for additional storage space
  • Rain covers and sun protection for your cargo bike
  • Safety accessories for a carefree riding experience

All cargo bike accessories at a glance

Our range includes a wide range of accessories that have been specially developed for cargo bikes. Whether you need additional storage space, want to ensure the safety of your children or want to protect your cargo bike in all weathers - you'll find what you're looking for here.

Bicycle garage for optimum protection

A bike garage for your cargo bike is an essential accessory to protect it from the weather and theft. Our easy-to-install bicycle garages for cargo bikes are of high quality and offer a secure storage option for your cargo bike.

Child seat for cargo bike

The safety of your children is our top priority. Our child seats for your cargo bike are robustly built and offer secure and comfortable support during the ride with their five-point safety harness. The harnesses are adjustable, the seats are padded and the ergonomic headrests are height-adjustable. This means that little passengers always feel comfortable on board. For infants up to one year of age, there are seat shells with holders that can be installed in the cargo bike's transport box. This allows you to transport your most valuable cargo safely and comfortably. Even if the seat designs for children change, you are always perfectly equipped for the next tour and your child is optimally protected.

Cargo bike pannier rack and baskets for additional storage space

Secure and stable storage space is essential to make your cargo bike the perfect replacement for a car. Securing your load and any transport boxes is crucial for the handling of your cargo bike. Lashing straps can be a solution here. One advantage of tensioning straps is their simple and space-saving storage: simply roll them up and put them aside ready to hand for the next tour. If you're still wondering where to put all your stuff, an additional bike basket for your cargo bike can help.
Our rear pannier racks and front baskets for your cargo bike offer the perfect solution. Robust and durable, they offer enough space for everything you want to transport. However, you should pay attention to how much load your cargo bike allows. Which Ca Go Bike has the ideal storage space for your shopping or luggage?

Rain covers and sun protection for your cargo bike

If you are transporting children on your cargo bike, you should protect them from environmental influences such as rain or direct sunlight. Fortunately, there are clever solutions for all our cargo bikes that take on this task. There are special superstructures for our cargo bikes to which the rain and sun cover poles are attached. The cover for the Ca Go Bike's transport box, on the other hand, can be used as protection for general goods. The cover is stretched over the transport box and closes with its upper edge. So whether it's raining or the sun is shining - our cargo bike rain covers and sunshades equip you for any weather. They are easy to fit and offer optimum protection for you, your passengers and your cargo.

Safety accessories for a carefree driving experience

Choosing the right bike lock for your cargo bike is very important. It is advisable not to save money at the wrong end and always use two locks with different locking mechanisms. A U-lock secures part of the frame to the rear or front wheel, while a chain lock secures the bike to a fixed object to prevent it from being carried away. A spoke lock is certainly useful for short visits to the bakery as long as the bike is in sight. However, it is no substitute for the protection of a high-quality bike lock for your cargo bike. That's why we offer accessories such as bike locks, headrests and baby carriers for your cargo bike, so that you can concentrate fully on your ride without having to worry.

Find the perfect accessories for your cargo bike at Ca Go Bike

Visit our model overview to discover our entire range of cargo bikes and accessories. We offer high-quality products and first-class service, making us your first choice when it comes to cargo bike accessories. Click now and discover our full range of cargo bike accessories to make your e-cargo bike even safer and more versatile!

Discover our full range of cargo bike accessories now and find the perfect accessory for your e-cargo bike! Visit our model overview for more information.