Impressively versatile and agile. The FS200 Vario - the transport vehicle full of smart solutions.

The open load platform made of lightweight, recyclable Foamlite® with many recesses for securing the goods to be transported turns the Long John into a real load master. Practical accessories such as the Organiser-Set*, Soft-Walls* or Top-Rails* help to organise the load. Even up to a maximum load of 70 kg the FS200 Vario is easy to handle and manoeuvre thanks to its narrow track and small turning radius. In short: It's the new, versatile and fully-fledged transport mobil.

*Additional equipment

Foamlite® Loading Base incl. Cross-Bars

Room for transport ideas

If you want everything, sometimes you just must leave something out. The many small recesses in and around the loading area make this bike so variable and safe. Whether tension straps, hooks or dividers: Everything finds its place here.

Perfectly organised

The Organizer-Set* turns your FS200 Vario into an organising miracle. Whatever you want to transport, you can quickly and easily adapt the plug-in system to your needs. From very small to very large, you can create different areas for the safe transport of very different cargo.

*Optional equipment FS200 Vario, standard equipment FS200 Vario Open-Pro, FS200 Vario Cover-Pro

Space for bulky luggage

Particularly long or particularly high? With the Cross-Bars, you can easily stow even less manageable loads. Use the Ca Go Belt to secure the load to the bars. You can also mount other accessories here*.

*max. load 10 kg each


These bars are simply top-notch! Mounted on top of the Cross-Bars, they make your FS200 Vario even more versatile. Here you can hang light bags or attach high-built loads. In addition, the Top-Rails provide more stability.**

*Additional equipment FS200 Vario, standard equipment FS200 Vario Open-Pro, FS200 Vario Cover-Pro **max. load 10 kg each

Clever clamps

The trick with the click: Whether it's the floor panel or optional side walls, you can easily attach them to the frame of the cargo bed with the clamps. This is how you make the FS200 Vario into exactly the e-cargo bike you need at any given moment.

Light and clever

As with the bike, we also rely on high-quality materials for the equipment of the FS200 Vario. Aluminium tubes, for example, with their powerful combination of high rigidity and low weight. Or lightweight and easily recyclable Foamlite® elements, for example for the Organizer-Set*.

*Additional equipment FS200 Vario, standard equipment FS200 Vario Open-Pro, FS200 Vario Cover-Pro

Plenty of space

It’s possible. The FS200 Vario, including the Organizer-Set*, offers with its 60 x 80 cm loading area a lot of space. For example, you can fit two Euro boxes next to each other. Whatever you're transporting, it's always firmly and securely stowed.

*Additional equipment FS200 Vario, standard equipment FS200 Vario Open-Pro, FS200 Vario Cover-Pro

Ca Go Belts

Everything is firmly tied down: With the strong straps you secure your load. Even when the going gets tough. In this way, fully variable always remains fully secure.

Low centre of gravity

Almost like a sports car: The particularly low centre of gravity endows the FS200 Vario with unique handling characteristics. For example, the engine, batteries* and payload, are located particularly low. On the clever and highly variable transport surface, you can also place your cargo in a perfectly distributed manner. This means that the e-cargo bike always remains balanced and is almost as easy to ride as a conventional e-bike.

*Second battery optional

Kickstand with Gas Pressure Spring

One thing stands firm: your Ca Go FS200 Vario. Even with a total maximum load of up to 225 kilograms. This is ensured by the particularly stable and easy-to-operate kickstand. It keeps the cargo bike in place and prevents it from tipping over. This means that your bike always remains stable, so you can not only park it safely but also load and unload it without any problems. Even if it gets a little rougher.

Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line Motor

The special Bosch Cargo Line motor surely gets you going. It drives the FS200 powerfully and smoothly with its 85 Newton meters and up to a speed of 25 km/h. Even high payloads don't cause the powerful drive to break a sweat. And thanks to DualBattery Ready*, ranges of up to 125 kilometres are possible. That’s how the bike gets you quickly from A to B - even if the B is far away.

*Second battery optional

Magura Disc Brakes

Perfectly controllable braking power, even with maximum payload. This is exactly what the powerful hydraulic disc brakes from Magura provides for the Ca Go FS200. The braking system is specially designed for electric cargo bikes. This is reflected, for example, in the powerful brake bodies with two pistons at the front and four pistons at the rear. Or the particularly large brake discs with 203 millimetres at the front and 220 millimetres at the rear.


Simple and practical: Vario-Soft-Walls* and the matching Vario-Soft-Top* protect your cargo. Whether it's from wind and weather or from prying eyes. When you need them, you simply snap the Soft-Walls onto your FS200 Vario. Then, if necessary, you can add the Soft-Top, which is accessible from both sides, and you're done. Really practical? That's what we said!

*Additional equipment

Further highlights

enviolo AUTOMATIQ Gear Hub

On the FS200 Life you automatically feel comfortable - and shift accordingly. The standard built-in enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub always ensures the perfect gear ratio autonomously. So, you can concentrate on maximum riding pleasure. Simply select the preferred cadence and you're done. In addition, the system harmonizes perfectly with the Bosch motor. So, you ride particularly efficient and save valuable battery power.

Steering System with Double Cable Guide

The safe cable steering is responsible for full control and manoeuvrability. True to the motto "two is company", we have designed the steering system with redundancy. In other words, four instead of the usual two cables offer additional safety. The FS200 also impresses with its precise steering behaviour. And thanks to the large steering angle, manoeuvring is like child's play.

Gates Belt incl. Belt Tensioner

Quiet, clean and low-maintenance, the Gates Belt Drive transmits power to the rear wheel. In addition, the guide keeps it in place while the Belt Tensioner keeps it taut. In other words: more time in the saddle, and less time in the workshop.


Thanks to the bright, integrated lighting system from SUPERNOVA you can keep everything in view. In bright conditions, the daytime running light draws attention to you. And in the dark, the high beam with the additional low beam turns night into day.

Schwalbe Tires

For best rolling behaviour, high puncture protection and plenty of grip stand the high-quality Schwalbe tires. The softer rubber compound in front provides good grip and stability while taking a turn. The rear tires specially developed for Ca Go carry heavy loads.

Ergonomic Grips and Saddles from Ergon

Comfort through ergonomic components: Thanks to the Ergon grips, the handlebars fit comfortably and ergonomically in your hands. And the Ergon saddle ensures high seating comfort and a back-friendly posture.


Safety is in your hands: With the EasyGrip frame handle you can effortlessly jack the e-bike onto the stand. The ergonomic handle also helps when pushing and manoeuvring. So, you can easily move the cargo bike even with little space.

Battery Safe with Lock (DualBattery Ready)

Whether one or two batteries*, they are well protected in the floating stainless steel safe stored on the floor of the cargo bed. Safe from damage and pickpocketing, the battery safe also pays dividends in terms of low centre of gravity and pleasant handling.

*second battery optional

The FS200 Vario from €7,590*

Standard equipment FS200 Vario

*incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Which FS200 Vario is the right one?

Technical specifications – FS200 Vario

Seitenansicht des FS200 Life mit eingezeichneten Abmessungen.
                    Hinterrad: 27,5″;
                    Vorderad: 20″;
                    Durchstiegshöhe: 46,5 cm;
                    Radstand: 206,5 cm;
                    Länge: 207 cm
Frontalansicht des FS200 Life mit eingezeichneten Abmessungen.
                        Breite: 70 cm
Overall length
270 cm
206,5 cm
Stand over height
46,5 cm
Rear wheel
Front wheel
65 cm
Ansicht von oben auf die Ladefläche
                        mit eingezeichneten Abmessungen.
                            Breite: 60 cm;
                            Länge: 75,5 cm
Euro box mounted on Organizer-Set*
*Additional equipment
Ansicht von oben auf die Ladefläche.
                            Zwei 40 × 60 cm große Euroboxen liegen darauf,
                            darüber sind die Abmessungen des Laderaums eingezeichnet.
                            Breite: 60 cm;
                            Länge: 80 cm
Inner dimension width
60 cm
Inner dimension length
75,5 cm
Inner dimension length (Euro box)
80 cm
Inner dimension width (Euro box)
60 cm
Body height
1,60–2 m
Empty weight (Foamlite® Loading Base incl. Cross-Bars and additional battery)
53 kg
370 l / 70 kg
Max. total weight
225 kg

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