Good Reasons for Ca Go

Your Ca Go Bike – always a good choice

Urban Mobility

The new movement for the city

In the saddle of a Ca Go E-cargo bike, you'll make a statement for urban mobility in the 21st century. With a sustainable lifestyle that emphasizes our responsibility to future generations. With an active commitment to a more liveable city and a more liveable world. Sounds lofty? Perhaps. But that doesn't make it any less true or important. We share your perspective. Our motivation is to work with heart and soul on solutions for today's world. No matter who or what you want to transport, when and where: Ca Go is there for you. Sustainability, by the way, starts with our production and delivery. For example, we ship our models to the dealer with virtually no packaging waste.

Cargo bikes, but safe

The Ca Go safety concept - well thought out down to the last detail

Ca Go has set itself the task of building the safest cargo bikes in the world. Starting from the question why child transport in a cargo bike is not possible at the same safety level as in a car, we have developed the FS200 Life. A bike that offers the highest level of riding safety with a low centre of gravity, uncomplicated handling and a powerful braking system. In the event of an accident, however, its safety passenger compartment with integrable child seats, five-point safety belts and height-adjustable headrests is particularly convincing. And so that you can be absolutely sure, we have subjected the FS200 Life to an independent crash test as the first cargo bike. The results are convincing all along the line and give you a good feeling. And what applies to the FS200 Life also applies to all other Ca Go bikes.

Innovations from Germany

The best solutions for today and tomorrow

Please say that you noticed it right away! We are not like the others. And our Ca Go models are certainly not. The completely new developed E-cargo bikes bring a breath of fresh air to the city. Models equipped with state-of-the-art technology and innovations like the world has never seen before. Our pioneering cargo box is just one shining example. But many great ideas lie in the details. The steering with four redundant cable pulls, the lockable Battery Safe, and the practical handle, to name just a few examples. Oh yes: On top of that, the Ca Go bikes look unbelievably good. But you noticed that at first glance.

Luxury for all

Ca Go moves forward - also with its high-quality equipment

Ca Go builds electric cargo bikes that pose a true alternative to cars in the city. Yes, we want to revolutionize mobility. But that's why we like to be inspired by cars. Such as high-quality equipment right from the start that doesn't have to hide from any passenger car. For example:

  • dynamic Bosch Cargo Line Motor with 85 Nm
  • long-ranging 625 Wh Powertube Battery
  • fully automatic enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub gears
  • strong Magura disc brake
  • maintenance free Gates belt incl. belt tensioner
  • ergonomic grips and saddles from Ergon
  • comfortable SR Suntour suspension fork
  • luminous lighting system by Supernova and Busch & Müller

And that's just part of the basic equipment. You want even more? With our handy Ca Go model overview, the choice is yours.

Faithful companion

Ca Go: plenty of life, little maintenance

Sustainably safe and safely sustainable: Ca Go stands for high-quality and modular E-cargo bikes. That means that our models can be adapted easily to your needs. No matter if you're expecting offspring or if the kids are pedalling themselves by now. No matter what equipment you take on the road: You can kiss the workshop goodbye. For one thing, we have designed our models to be particularly durable. And secondly, we rely on particularly low-maintenance equipment with proven components. From the belt drive to the grippy tires with maximum puncture protection.

It is that easy

With your Ca Go Bike you keep it pretty simple for yourself

How does a ride on our Ca Go cargo bikes work? It's so unspectacularly simple that it's spectacular already: get on, ride off, enjoy. Because our models ride just like regular e-bikes. This aspect was paramount to us during development. After all, you should not only feel safe in the saddle but also comfortable. But you know what? The best thing is to try it out for yourself. With a test ride at our dealers or an event. You can find all the information here.

Experiential values

A lot of know-how + fresh air = Ca Go

Fresh impulses and untrodden thinking are priceless. Especially in combination with experience and know-how. After all, you prefer to have your house renovated by professionals, don't you? That's why Team Ca Go combines more than 30 years of experience in the bicycle industry with innovative ideas. Whether accomplished bike enthusiasts, developers with know-how from the automotive industry, or creative designers: Ca Go has created a team of the best minds. That's how we develop ground-breaking E-cargo bikes, conceived of and made in Germany. And beginners can ride them, too. Completely relaxed.