A smart decision: Your Ca Go Bike as a promotion model

With this model, we put a crown on the FS200 Life Family. In addition to the Ergonomic-Child-Seat, a rear rack and a suspension seat post, the Plus version comes with many other extras. Above all, our crash-tested Ortho-Safety-Collar. The kids find protection from rain, wind and sun under the innovative All-Weather-Top. The Supernova M99 MINI PRO light system with a high beam in the front and brake light in the rear turns night into day. And our invisibly mounted GPS tracker protects your new family vehicle from thieves.


Fast, comfortable and always on the safe side: The fully equipped cargo box with Ortho-Safety-Collar and All-Weather-Top is our safety passenger compartment for young travellers.

FS200 Life Family-Plus – Details

  1. by.schulz Federsattelstütze G.2 LP
  2. Protective Shield Holistic Dark-Grey
  3. Ortho-Safety-Collar
  4. All-Weather-Top
  5. Ergonomischer Kindersitz
  6. SUPERNOVA Scheinwerfer M99 MINI PRO
  7. SUPERNOVA Brems-Rücklicht TL-3 PRO
  8. Gepäckträger
  9. Ca Go Schutzmatte
  10. CaGo.me GPS Tracker & App

25 km/h

Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line motor

Efficient motor for all requirements and speeds up to max. 25 km/h makes every transport easier.

85 Nm

Powerful support

Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line motor makes it easier to start uphill and accelerate with even the heaviest load.

125 km

More range

Second Optional Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh battery increases range and flexibility to a whopping 1,250 Wh.

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